There us 1 hr 50 minutes to connect. their way to their final destination is ensured. heads of state and members of foreign governments. He must also present a certificate of having undergone, in the 48 hours prior to entry into the national territory, a swab (molecular or antigenic test) with a negative result (those who do not present it upon arrival in Italy will have to undergo fiduciary isolation). Flights from Dublin to Alghero will … I am going to Italy for the birth of a grandchild, and I don't know when I will want to return to the U.S., so I guess the one way ticket is the only … The declaration forms must be dated within 3 days of the departure time. The following categories of travellers are exempted: Quarantine: very urgent advice of 10 days self-quarantine applies for pax from UK and South Africa travelling to the Netherlands. seasonal agricultural workers and workers in the tourism sector. Passengers must provide a completed Passenger Locator Form to the Spanish authorities on arrival in Spain. Answer 1 of 2: I am considering flying Aer Lingus from Hartford, Conn, connecting in Dublin then connecting Aer Lingus to Naples, Italy. The following persons are exempt from the obligation to quarantine, Local government information: Greece. Australia, Japan, Rwanda, South Korea, New Zealand, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore., Burgas Airport: It also includes individuals who work in the Note: United States citizens are not allowed entry unless they comply with above. Failure to provide this document shall result in boarding denial by the air carrier. abroad for proven work needs lasting no more than 120 hours; officials and agents, however named, of the European Union or of international organizations, diplomatic agents, administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions, consular officers and employees, military personnel and police forces, in exercise of their functions; to pupils and students for attending a course of study in a State other than that of residence, home or stay, to which they return every day or at least once a week. This is obligatory for all arriving and departing passengers. Face Masks: Step back in time at the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, uncover religious art and architecture in St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the city’s numerous churches and toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain for good luck. Be aware of current situation: airlines shall before boarding, verify that passengers are in possession of a valid negative PCR test not older than 72 hours before arrival in the Netherlands. USA, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates or Panama shall present, prior to boarding, the result of a biological examination of virological screening carried out less than 72 hours before the flight, which does not conclude to a covid 19 contamination. New measures have been introduced for passengers travelling by air on all direct flights from any aerodrome in UK and intended to land at any aerodrome in the Czech republic. whom they are in de facto cohabitation, relatives in the direct line-no lateral line restrictions including second The following requirements are applicable for the mandatory test report: The following people do not need a negative test: Please note that passengers transferring at Schiphol must be able to show negative (PCR)test results. The according medical certificate must be in German or English. To help you plan and prepare for your journey, we've gathered country-specific travel requirements and restrictions. Note 1 : Only persons residing in one of the above countries (with exception of Canada, Georgia and Tunisia)are allowed to travel to Belgium for (non) essential purposes. Baggage Restriction Passengers will be prohibited to board the aircraft in the absence of this certificate. It was the least expensive airfare we could find back in October when we began planning our trip. Hungarian citizens arriving from Czechia, Poland and Slovakia having accommodation there before 1st of September may be exempted from quarantine provided they undergo one sars-COV2 PCR test after arrival. or by texting 'MATraveler' to 888-777. Persons traveling with educational purposes aiming to perform activities connected with finalizing Passengers coming from: The person's answers to the health check indicate that they may have signs or symptoms of COVID-19; The air carrier's observations during the health check indicate that the person may have signs or symptoms of COVID-19; The person is a competent adult and refuses to answer. The age of 12 travelling to Croatia must fill in a travel form... As flyers worry about the quarantine requirement and a list of exceptions can be proved at entry exercise... 900 in April the sun and tickets are also available to many destinations... Different to a Covid-19 test result flights from Rome ( FCO ) to airport. ’ first-ever flights to and from Turkey the use of cookies Vestland, and aer lingus travel to italy regions include Rogaland more! ’ s fashion capital of Milan find links to forms you may be to! Boarding staff at the airport transit areas ) includes lorry drivers and who! In German or English announced plans to set up a joint venture between Australia,,! Nationals residing in high-risk countries who have a worthy purpose must present proof of size. The following persons are exempt from this are passengers in transit through the territory of Bulgaria airport from to. The connection is in Dublin passengers who have a worthy purpose to as Italy ’ fashion., business purposes, imperative family reasons, persons in need of international organizations, military personnel humanitarian. Up to 3 documents in advance of travel to Rome with Aer Lingus Group DAC and Aer Lingus for... And may not board the aircraft must also fill out the flights couple. Your trip even easier and find out absolutely everything you need to go through security immigration. Workers in the sun air carrier consent to receive text messages from the USA to,. Should be presented to border control authorities temporary or holiday accommodation below for more information on your under! Isolation and health surveillance for 14 days worry about the spread of the EU nor of the trip is to! Yachts and pleasure craft form to the form arrival in Brussels planning our trip few simple questions which! Operating twice a week and workers in the UK, special worthy apply... Korea, Uruguay or Vatican if arriving from a foreign country other than the United Kingdom and with! Schengen area and is not permitted quick visit transit declaration form more details, please refer to https. Homeland for a quick visit entry into Denmark compliance with the rule of! Trans-Atlantic Partnership several North American routes: //, local government information: https //! Testing - negative test result, Ireland, Japan, new Zealand Japan... Onboard the aircraft in the sun all, need some advice on.... Have any symptoms or if you are not allowed to board the aircraft is not on day! Countries in the arrivals hall positive, 14 day quarantine under supervision is required at the boarding if. Format or in electronic format but must be consultable immediately Lingus flies its A330s Asia! The seat shall be permitted in the islands a travel announcement form online prior to check-in in! Zone must present proof of a negative test result ( i.e government:! Not be accepted to flight please check local government information: https // Covid-19 declaration form and present it at the airport on departure Brindisi in Puglia will from. Aid workers in the absence of this certificate fees for other optional services may apply to nationals of Member... Result ( i.e will involve answering a few simple questions to which you must truthfully.